Web, Mobile, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, DevOps, Chatbots and Automation

We build digital products, both web and mobile applications, to automate business processes.

We have developed artificial intelligence powered inspection software applications, cybersecurity digital products/features that guarantees 100% protection for your data and a project management software that also captures CapEx/OpEx Expense; weekly timesheets/reports of every one working on a project.

In our spare time, we also develop similar solutions based on a given requirement for our clients to solve complex business problems.

We partner with third-party cybersecurity expert companies to undertake grey box penetration testing on all software applications that we develop.

TEMSCONSU Pty Ltd was formed in Australia in 2014 to provide IT Consultancy services and our enterprise client list has included IAG Insurance, Infor Global Services (as a Subcontractor to Gold Coast City Council), PwC Australia, CoatesHire and Suncorp Bank etc.

Our Digital Products & Services
Web, Mobile & Cloud Apps

In addition to IT Consultancy, we have now found our niche which is building digital products either hosted as web, mobile or cloud software applications.

We look to identify everyday business problems and challenges in our society that can be solved with digital solutions.

Once we determine that a digital solution or product is the answer, we move to establish the scope, detail, and size of the problem expertly and collaboratively.

Then we choose the software tools and utilities to use very carefully, we are huge proponents of open-source software.

Then we set out to build the digital solution collaboratively using the Agile methodology to deliver a solution fit for purpose in no more than 6 months.

We have built minimum viable products (both web & mobile) across different kinds of software applications to include the following:

Project Management – Using Artificial Intelligence to predict the three success factors for all Projects: Time, Cost & Quality.

Generic Safety Inspection using Artificial Intelligence to identify and categorise objects – Image Recognition.

Data Management & Cyber Data Protection – Using Artificial Intelligence to protect your data from cyber-attacks – TEMSEC.

Drone Pipeline Inspection - Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse captured imagery both static and video then report or send an alert in an instant via a mobile app notification on all issues occurring that need to be escalated/resolved immediately such as pipeline breakage, pipeline vandalism etc.

So, we already have a building block for your app mitigating any risk of non-delivery or project or cost overrun.

We can build based on your requirements on top of the MVP or develop based on a given requirement from scratch.

Project Management Software developed from scratch

We develop Project Management software specifically customised to cater for your business processes and functions. Remember all the times you have used Microsoft Projects, Zoho and wanted more, we can change all of that for your organisation.

We can include modules such as;

  • Auto Time Sheet & Work Tracker.
  • Artificial Intelligence to preempt/predict Risks, Issues, Time, Cost & Quality indicators very early on in a project.
  • Expense & Budget Manager to capture/visualise all expenditure to include cost of hours/effort worked, and all other OpEx & CapEx costs. From this feature, you can see in real-time how much is getting spent from the defined budget by whom and on what.
  • Gantt Chart, Document Management, Risks & Issues Tracker, Milestones & Project, Dashboards, Reporting, Instance Messaging and Activity Feeds.

We have recently developed (2023) similar project management software for one of the largest Oil & Gas services companies globally. So get in touch with us so that we can build and implement a customised project management software for your organisation.


Automates the process of transferring/relocating your spreadsheet data to a database, secures it from ransomware attacks in seconds, and your data can be recovered if lost or stolen, no matter the circumstance.

Building Inspection App

A web and mobile application that uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) in carrying out passive fire inspections for commercial buildings as stipulated in the building safety regulations.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Machine Learning - Neural Networks

As we evolve as a company, we are spending quite a bit of time, researching, building/developing Artificial Intelligence Deep Machine Learning Neural Networks (AIML) & Software modules to effectively solve a variety of business problems for our clients as highlighted here.


Excelitte.AI is an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) module that uses learnt intelligence to proactively seek out and defend preemptively all cybersecurity attacks.

Excelitte.AI's point of difference is that it employs both an Offensive and Defensive Approach to combatting cyberattacks & ransomware.

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When we build or develop a software application for you

we also use third-party ethical hackers to conduct all manner of penetration testing to make sure your data can't be stolen or ransomed

We develop Digital products or solutions guided by the following

Determine the requirements very accurately by playing it back as many times as possible.

Build very innovative solutions delivered via incremental prototyping.

Conduct several rounds of testing to eliminate all software defects.

Consultancy Services

We provide independent IT consultancy to include the following:

We also build for clients in our spare time as we like to always be kept busy.

We also build for clients across any sector. More recently we have developed solutions to automate inspections using Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning to automatically identify objects, to track/monitor activity on a virtual machine and the data is fed back to an AIML module, developed chatbots, and built products based on a given client requirement.

We also spend time customising our existing tools or digital products as may be requested by existing or potential clients.

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