Restaurants, Traders, Dry Cleaners, Gymnasiums, Retails Shops & ALL other businesses can benefit from having a mobile or web app for their business.

In-app payments reduces the amount of time staff spends on fulfilling and taking payments. “Pay via app and you won’t have to stand in a queue!”

Businesses who meet customer's at various locations now have the ability to show their portfolio offline via mobile, web or cloud apps.

Run personalized promotions that millennial customers desire! “Eat now & get 20% off your next purchase!”

Give customers a chance to access exclusive deals, early bird specials, etc. when they download your mobile app “Download our mobile app & enjoy exclusive deals just for you”

Send push notifications (recommendations) to customers when they are around the customer's location! “Hey plumber in your area, let me know if you need my services”

Your apps can be built with artificial intelligence capability to capture/analyse your customer's buying patterns and trends to enable a targeted, customised & personalised approach to your customers, significantly increasing your profits.

We also develop face book messenger and Internet bots that can connect and advertise your business to 900 million people on face book messenger per month.

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